Patsy Priddy

Patsy Priddy

Patsy Priddy


Fecha del evento: 26 de Marzo de 2017

Tema: LaSeta Hair Removal Products

Presented by Patsy Priddy of New Beginnings

I have been in the industry and worked for Nufree for more than 35 years. I decided it was time make a change and find an even better product. Having owned a salon and worked behind a chair just like you, I was looking for a product that was not damaging to the skin, would cause no hyperpigmentation and be effective. I have tested and used many hair removal products .In our search we went to Italy because their ingredients are the purest and finest in the world containing no rosin and only natural ingredients. We would like to help you to learn the safest, best and fastest way to remove unwanted body hair.

LaSeta provides a complete line of epilating products and are sold to licensed professionals only.

  • Variable Temperature Warmers and accessories
  • Pre and Post Epilating Products
  • Strip / Stripless Waxes
  • Roll Strips, Cut Strips and Accessories


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